COVID Precautions:




Chaperones Precautions:

Each bus will have a bag with necessities such as hand sanitizer, gloves, trash bags etc.

All bus windows must stay down.

At the game we will place supply bags (red) along fence line where chaperones will be stationed near the water jugs. Chaperones must either use gloves or hand sanitizer before before filling a water jug. If gloves chosen, they must be changed between each refill.

NISD COVID safety guidelines require only chaperones/trailer crew who are assigned to that game will be permitted in the band area.

When return to school chaperones must turn in bus bags and name badges to VP of Chaperones.

Student Precautions:

Students need to arrive in full uniform with instruments (no cases), shakos, masks and FULL water jug. They will not be allowed to board the bus missing any items.

Line up near designated bus MAINTAINING SOCIAL DISTANCE.

Upon arrival back at JMHS, students will exit bus and go directly to their cars to go home.


Must be at least 21 years of age.

Must be a paid member of the JMHS Band Booster Organization.

Must have completed an NISD background check. Complete as soon as possible by clicking here. May take up to 14 days to complete.

Uniform: Marshall Band Booster shirt or Marshall shirt, (If you have neither please wear a Maroon shirt) black pants, shorts or capris, and tennis shoes.

Sign up to be a chaperone via CHARMS.

Must bring own filled reusable water container.


On arrival, please check in at the Chaperone Check in/Check out Station where you will obtain a Booster badge and your assigned duty. Your Booster Badge will identify you to the students and permit you to enter the stadium.

There will be a first aid station set up at each event with a designated medic. In the event a medical issue arises, you will need to notify the First Aid Chaperone(s) and Band Directors.

Preparing For Trip To Stadium:

Minimum of 2 chaperones per bus.

Attendance will be taken as each student boards the bus. Chaperone will notify that all students are accounted for and bus is ready to leave.

Chaperone will place the bus number sign in front window.

One chaperone must stay with students until they are released. All other chaperones will depart bus on arrival to begin their assigned duties.

Once at the stadium, wait for instructions from the Band Directors for when students should get off the bus and where they are to go.

While On The Bus:

Ensure that all students display appropriate behavior. No body parts should ever be outside the bus windows. There is to be no obscene language, obscene gestures, or inappropriate behavior.

Cell phones are allowed on the bus,  earphones are preferred but at the discretion of the chaperone. Students are responsible for their personal possessions.

Students should remain in their seat and may not move around the bus while it is in motion.

Students are not allowed to play instruments on the bus.

Overt public displays of affection (PDAs) are not allowed.

Verbal correction to inappropriate behavior is the responsibility of the chaperone. Anything beyond this is the responsibility of the Band Directors. If you have any problems with students being disrespectful or refusing to follow instructions, please report it to the Band Directors.

Please do not sleep on the bus. Chaperones must remain awake and alert to supervise at all times.

Game Duties:

Do not allow non-band members to enter the band section of the stands. This includes other parents who are not chaperones for that event. Band Directors must approve exceptions to this rule.

Chaperones will be evenly stationed on both sides of the band section in the stadium.

If a student has to leave the stands for any reason, a Chaperone must accompany that student.  A Chaperone may take a maximum of 4 students to the restroom.

Please do not consume food or drink (other than water) while on Chaperone duty.

About 8 minutes before the half-time show, students will head down to the field. Chaperones assigned to Field Equipment Duty, First Aid Duty and Plume Duty will exit the stands with the students.

Chaperones assigned to Stand Duty during Half-Time will remain in the band section of the stadium to keep a watchful eye over the student’s purses, backpacks, and other items. Trash in the band section should be picked up at this time.

Post-Game Duties:

Under no circumstances can a parent take his/her child from a band function (football game, contest, out-of- town trip, etc.) unless it has been cleared and approved by the Band Directors.

The stands should be completely clean when we leave. Leave trash bags neatly by other stadium trash.

Chaperones will take attendance before leaving. Once all students are loaded on the bus, collect the bus number sign and notify the bus driver/Band Directors that all students are accounted for and the bus is ready to leave.

Band Hall Arrival:

Upon arrival to the school, instruct students to close the bus windows and pick up their trash. 

Once all students have exited the bus, check for any items or trash that may have been left behind. Stray uniform parts tend to be left (shoes, hats, music, and even the occasional instrument). Lost items found should be turned in to Chaperones.

Once off the bus, assist Trailer Crew with unloading the equipment trailer as needed. Many hands get the job done quickly!

Chaperones must turn in their Booster Badge and bus bag at the Chaperone check in/check out station.

If you have any questions about these duties, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for volunteering!

Welcome to Chaperoning… It’s a little work, but a LOT of fun!