Ram Band Terminology

Band Terms

Baldric:  A belt worn over one shoulder.

Bibber:  The overall-like garment worn under a jacket in standard marching band uniforms.

Charms:  An online tool that JMHS Ram Band uses to send out mass communication and organize important information for students and parents (Student accounts, inventory, contact information as well as schedules).

Color guard: Color guard uses props, along with movement, to express dynamic passages in the music accompanying the marching band show.

Compression shorts/shirts:  Compression shirts and shorts are undergarments worn under the uniform.

Dot book:  A small notebook utilized by marching bands in order to aid the learning of formations on the field.

Gauntlet:  An extended cuff covering part of the forearm.

Homecoming Mums:  A mum consist of an artificial Chrysanthemum flowers surrounded by decorated short-length ribbon and little trinkets.

Lyre:  The metal clip that holds music on an instrument in the marching band.  It is mainly used by brass and woodwind students.

Plume:  Feathers on a uniform shako.

Polo Shirts:  Polo shirts are worn as a uniform for various activities during the year.  The students will be required to purchase a polo shirt.

Section leaders:   Student leaders for each instrument section of the marching band. The Section Leaders help marchers perfect their marching style, warm up for performances and are responsible for relaying special instructions from the directors to the marchers.

Show shirts:  A shirt matching with the theme of the performance. The show shirts are worn by the students after a performance.  Students are given one however if it is lost another one can be purchased.  Show shirts are available for parents and other interested adults to purchase.

Shako:  A shako is a tall cap with a visor and sometimes tapered at the top.

Spirit Buddies:  Students are assigned a spirit buddy.  A spirit buddy is a mentor in band/color guard who can help guide the student through the various aspects of high school band.  During game weeks spirit buddies exchange baskets for school spirit.

Student officers:  A group of student officers who are appointed by band directors.

Winter Guard:  A competition in the winter performed only by the color guard.