Trailer Crew

Volunteer today to be a part of the trailer crew!  Have fun and enjoy making memories with your student, other trailer crew volunteers and THE MIGHTY RAM BAND. 


Must be a paid member of the JMHS Band Booster Organization

Must have completed an NISD background check. Complete as soon as possible by clicking here. May take up to 14 days to complete.

Must be over 18.

Must wear appropriate clothing (weather related).  Wear a Marshall shirt (preferably a Ram Band Trailer Crew shirt, if available) and a pair of work gloves are suggested but not required.

PRIOR TO GAME DAY – Sign up on Charms Volunteer sheet to allow for an accurate report to the band director.

Pre-Game Duties:

Arrive at the appointed time to the band hall and report to the VP of the Equipment to receive work assignments and be issued a badge for that day.

Execute the Trailer Crew loading plan for the trailer(s). Students should have loaded instruments already.  

Secure items in trailer and depart for stadium. 

Once trailer arrives at stadium, stage equipment by trailers and in stands.  

Once the band member have secured their items, store the empty cases back in the trailer. 

In Game:

Act as a chaperone and assist in escorting students as needed. 

Enjoy your student having fun with their bandmates

Prep for halftime activities by moving equipment needed during halftime performance


Prior to end of game, stage equipment by trailer so band can return items used during the game. 

 Load and secure the trailer(s) and depart back to the band hall

Once back at band hall, return all badges to VP of Equipment by end of night

Unload and return trailer(s) to back of band hall.